Monday, January 23, 2006

welsh assembly and dentistry

the following e-mail was sent to: Dr. Brian Gibbon am, Jocelyn Davies am, John Griffith am, Valerie Lloyd am, David Melding am, Jonathan Morgan am, Lynne Neagle am, Jenny Randerson am, Rhodri Glyn Thomas am, on the 25 November 2005 so far none of them have either responded to receiving it or have answered the questions it asks. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THEM PEOPLE????????oh and by the way it was also sent to a variety of media outlets and it doesn't seem that they have been interested either.
Hello everybody
as ever sitting in on you meeting on wednesday 23/11/05 I have thoughts on dental practice. I wonder if these will be given the consideration that my other issues for the committee have not. Lets see
1) has anyone thought of fast tracking the teaching of Dentists, I understand they spend a year being taught anatomy, is that really required of a dentist as they deal only with the mouth. I would suggest a serious review on how they are trained, in oreder to achieve such a fast track.
2) They say prevention is better than cure. There is I believe a polymer that can be coated onto teeth, why isn't this applied to all children once they have lost their milk teeth, in order to support the enamel from decaying. Done either in schoolsor at a health centre by a dental hygienist. Maybe NHS dentist might be situated in health centres alongside doctors.
3) As an adult I have found that after the cleaning of Plaque from teeth enamel is also removed, again after such work if the areas were once again recoated with this polymer then the decay I have experienced from the enamel removal by the hygienist would not have occured. As most of the teeth I have had removed stem from decay next to the gums following the efforts of the hygienist.
In my more paranoid moments I have often wondered if this was not a planned thing by hygienists in collusion with the dental practitioner to provide them with further business in a couple of years time.
I wonder if such preventative measure were involved whether we could move to the enlightened position where upon losing a second tooth adults might be offered implants rather than temporary gaps until they require dentures.
4) I wonder out of curiosity if one of you could tell me how much dentist are paid by the state for the filling of a tooth, for root canal removal. This is for my own information, although as ever this e-mail will be forwarded to the media, not that they are likely to consider it as they have not appeared to consider any of the others I have forwarded to them.
as ever Crazydave.
Well what do you think people how much better would our dental hygiene be if these suggestions were under taken. I know that there is likely to be alot of resistance in the training to fast tracking and I doubt that they are likely to admit that they way they train their hygienists are likely to result in a signifcant speeding up of the decay of our teeth, but then sometimes stupid practices just continue because nobody questions them, or maybe it is to create more work for them.
Oh and why havent one of these assembly members responded. P.S. can I also have the general cost of an extraction of one tooth paid to an NHS dentist by the state sometime soon.
this blog first posted today monday 23/1/06 Its details will go to the assembly members mentioned above. Its now the 6/4/06 noone from the assembly has come back to me on this.